What's My Size? 


How do I measure my wrist? 

We recommend using a string to wrap around your wrist, and then compare the length to a ruler or measuring stick. 

What size bracelet should I order? 

For a standard, relaxed fit, we recommend adding .25 inches to the size of your actual wrist. If you prefer your bracelets looser, add .5 inches.


What size should I order for my mini me? 

Below are the standard guidelines to follow for bracelet size.


Please note that we are happy to make any custom size bracelet - just let us know!

AGE​                    BRACELET SIZE

Preemie                    3.5"

0M - 3M                    4.0"

3M - 9M                    4.5"

9M - 18M                  5.0"

18M - 5Y                   5.5"

5Y - 12Y                   6.0"